Through Another’s Lens ~ T.A. Sparks

Hubble snaps NGC 5189

Hubble snaps NGC 5189 (Photo credit: Hubble Space Telescope / ESA)

He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. Luke 24:45 

“As we contemplate the state of things in the world today, we are very deeply impressed and oppressed with the prevailing malady of spiritual blindness. It is the root malady of the time. We should not be far wrong if we said that most, if not all, of the troubles from which the world is suffering, are traceable to that root, namely, blindness. The masses are blind; there is no doubt about that. In a day which is supposed to be a day of unequaled enlightenment, the masses are blind…. The leaders are blind, blind leaders of the blind. But in a very large measure, the same is true of the Lord’s people. Speaking quite generally, Christians are today very blind.

Every bit of new seeing is a work from heaven. It is not something done fully once for all. It is possible for us to go on seeing and seeing, and yet more fully seeing, but with every fresh fragment of truth, this work, which is not in our power to do, has to be done. Spiritual Life is not only a miracle in its inception; it is a continuous miracle in this matter right on to the last…. We do not seek for new revelation, and we do not say or suggest or hint that you may have anything extra to the Word of God, but we do claim that there is a vast amount in the Word of God that we have never seen, which we may see. Surely everybody agrees with that: and it is just that – to see, and the more you see, really see, the more overwhelmed you feel about the whole thing, because you know that you have come to the borders of the land of far distances, lying far beyond a short lifetime’s power of experience. The Lord make us all to be of those wh o have eyes opened.”

Abba, Father, give us ears to hear every nuance of your voice. May we then feel every nudge to “go”and every press of grieving or conviction you give…..may we be channels of all that you are….alone.

2 thoughts on “Through Another’s Lens ~ T.A. Sparks

  1. SjG says:

    Thanks for liking my blog posts! And blessings to you in your blogging! I liked what I read above about the spiritual life being a “continuous miracle.” Even in the most ordinary moments, God is present and at work in and around us. Continuous and miraculous indeed! ~Stanley

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