A Mother’s Day Prayer

Today I am feeling a little empty. As I try to understand why, I am wondering: Is it because Mother’s Day just passed and I feel like I do not do everything I should with my children? Is it because I was hoping for some extra love shown to me by someone special in my life – but they were too distracted?
My life seems to be lacking something….so I pray:

Father, Abba, cause me to not look to others for the love I need. Help me to see what they do give and love them just as You do.
Over take my parenting, so that all my shortcomings can be filled with Your plan for my children’s lives. Make up for all my blindness – and cause me to see how full my life is because You are in *ALL* things and You will give wisdom in all things.
Thank You that you are IN my children’s lives no matter what. You are making what is empty on my part into something full.
Thank you for loving me, even now when I lack faith. Thank you for seeing my heart as beautiful – even though it is messy. Thank you there is nothing I can do or not do to escape your presence and love. Thank you that we can work through messes together.
Today, may I – may we all – see You shine through, and past, and over everything that happens. For this is a day that You have made; and we can (blessed privilege!) walk close beside You in it. Thank You for all that You are. Thank you for making us feel full – I know we lack nothing. May you forever increase…Amen.

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