Finding Green

When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.
~ Ps 104:28

It is a misty spring morning, and I am enjoying watching the fog move through the trees like an airy, swaying scarf. The buds on the branches stand out against the grays and their bright greens are pushing forth the life that forces them outward. Birds, some skinny and some plump with the weight of their babies, flit back and forth to our feeder for nourishment. I have prepared some nourishment for my own young, pancakes on the griddle and strawberries in the pot.

I give thanks for all these small things that enrich my day, things that I often do not take the time to notice in the fog of life.

God always puts things around for me to notice.
He wants me to listen to all He gives,
for what He gives expresses His love.
What He gives expresses His faithfulness.




I am thankful to be able to sit by a warm fire, with a warm cup of tea, with His warm words to read. My daughter plops down in the seat next to me and sings and sings in between the telling of her plans. This is an exercise of my patience – to not fight what is around me, what “disturbs” my peace. Instead, I am learning to throw my head back, close my eyes and appreciate.
Appreciate now…..
for one day, before I know it, it will be still like winter on that chair next to me and I will recall the life that sat there on this spring day pushing out her bright-green-inner life.



I am also thankful to not force my son, my sleepy teen, out of bed to “do” church. I am thankful that we will be it when he is more awake. I am thankful to be learning to move with our Father’s rhythms and with the rhythms of our home. To not force life, but to let it come as I notice what He gives in season and in moments.

There is promise in all  – if we look in His open hand, we will not miss.
We will not miss life.
We will not miss His full joy.

“I have come that you might have life, and that more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

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