It is Hard to Be a Mother

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What is hard for me right now is that push/pull in my mind and heart. My kids are both on the edge of the nest – and I have all the assortment of emotions that go along with that precarious place. I find that I want to pull them back in and yet also I want to give them a push…..and in a whole other assortment of ways I do both – mostly in my own head with worry. …..and I guess I just realized that all those fears are exactly why I am finding it “hard.”

🍃How about you? What are you struggling with or how have you dealt with my situation? Would love to hear about you 🍃

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8 thoughts on “It is Hard to Be a Mother

  1. Aixa says:

    This is the end of their childhood so it becomes difficult for us moms, but this is the time to let them go and make their own mistakes in life.

  2. Kim says:

    As I anticipated this time coming for me, the Lord allowed me to be afflicted physically. In the midst of that, I developed acceptance that it was good that my children were learning to be capable adults. I won’t be around forever to care for them and am finding it physically harder every day. While this may sound depressing, it actually isn’t. I’m glad that God answered my prayer to help me learn to cope with the loss of my nest; He just answered my prayer in an unexpected way.

    • walkinglory says:

      Thank you Kim for taking time for such a thoughtful response. I appreciate that and will be thinking about your input.
      And I dont think it sounds depressing at all – I know the Lord knows each of us so intimately and works in our lives what is best. I agree, He does answer prayers in unexpected ways – not always what we want at the time, but in hind sight see the blessing. It gives me consolation that He loves them dearly and will work what is needed in their lives too. Thankful we can boldly talk to Him about all our cares – that is what makes me rest. ❤ Blessings

  3. I don’t know if that feeling ever goes away. My son is 29 this year, and I still want him close and yet, I want him to live his life. He is in another country right now. It was something that I had to just lay at the Good Lord’s feet, and trust that He will guide, and protect my son. Does give us the tiniest insight to how God feels about is though doesn’t it :):)

    • walkinglory says:

      Wow – your son is living in another country. That would be an adjustment, but true that we raised them to go on and live their lives. Really that is what we want but that love in our hearts never lessens. And: “Does give us the tiniest insight to how God feels about is though doesn’t it :):)” – YES!! Now that is something to ponder and sink into my bones ❤

      • Yes he wanted to travel. He saved up his money and is taking a year to explore :):) yes, when I get thoughts of my son, which is constant, it’s been making me realize, this is how God’s Word says Heis about us, except obviouosly on a more infinite scale :):)

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