English: Aberglaslyn Pass A walk alongside a r...

English: Aberglaslyn Pass A walk alongside a rushing river to the south of Beddgelert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has been no greater desire in my life than to truly know who Christ is – not my concept or anyone else’s concept of Him, but HIM. This seed was planted in me during my teen years. It was then I started to earnestly pray Philippians 3:10 and Psalms 139:23,24.  Throughout my years He has graciously and faithfully unfolded Himself to my eyes. What I am growing to see and know is that He is far more glorious than I ever could/can imagine. Each part of Him He shows me is like taking a walk in the grandest of all outdoor spaces – the weight of WHO He is transforms me……but it is a walk, it is taking time.

So with that in mind, my hope is that this space, Walks in Glory,  will be about His fullness. Invariably there will be times, as much as I do not desire it, that I will also make it mine. So I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time and thank you for pulling out what God can use.I have never thought myself to be good at sharing what has been put in me – in fact, I have had many fumbles and critiques along the way. But my weakness makes me yearn all the more for Him to do what only He can. “With God all things are possible.”

May this space encourage whom it is supposed to – and I hope that “whom” will be my own children one day when they are ready to page through. I love them and desire nothing more than that they would know how vast, broad, deep and wide God’s love is for them. May we all grow to know that unspeakable love, for those are the very waters that move us close to Christ, Himself.

I look forward to connecting with others – I look forward to seeing what He has in store.

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