I am

From sunlit mornings

And dancing shadows of leaves

Warm cups handed by friends

And sweaters that fall

Softly against skin.

I am downstream of family love

A waterfall

From grandfather

To mother

To me

And time


And content

From raging storms that

Can toss and do..but don’t..

Cuz I’m cared for and in

Rhythm with the Jackson 5.

I am from the spring rain

Melting snow and earth

Coming alive with

Fragrance pushing

Hyacinth out for air

And singing birds

And words that dance off

A page and bring wisdom

From the ages

About theCreator of it all.

I am an artist heart

Of twisted green and

Scent and petal and

Rainbows and whales

And Goldendoodle smiles

And conversation with souls

And twinges of internal

Groans from sad stories

Of others I want to

Cradle in thick-knit blankets.

Some say I am like maple syrup

Too sweet, too sappy, too

Unreal for palate or comfort…

But I say I’m good on raspberries

And dark chocolate and if

You cannot understand that

Then you don’t understand